So I’m super late posting this to the blog. I performed this piece for the Writers’ Community of Durham Region Annual Slam Competition.

gavel on bookshelf

It was SUCH a cool experience.

I don’t say enough how incredibly lucky I am to be a member of such an encouraging, supportive organization. I listen to lots of spoken word online, but this was my first foray into actually writing/performing, and I would NOT have gone for it without knowing no one would throw tomatoes at me if I epic-failed.

So I went for it, and got such a great response that I’m writing more (and possibly am developing a serious crush on the medium…).

So I am sharing the video below, but wanted to share a quick thought first:
My piece sounds like I’m kinda anti-Disney. I’m totally not. Disney movies are my comfort food on rainy days. I would still (for better or worse) LOVE to be Belle (because, hello, did you see her library?). I want Jasmine’s sass and Ariel’s voice and Mulan’s ass-kickery.

I just think — no matter how much we love a song, movie, game — it’s important to question problematic trends. I don’t think enjoying a piece of media precludes seeing its shortcomings. And I feel like pointing them out helps change how we think.

Hope you enjoy 🙂